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of this transformation is that america's popularity is now soaring. the percent of germans who viewed the u.s. favorably today is 64%, up 31% from 2008 poll. to the pugh, global the u.k., 69%, up from g last year. the french three-quarters, 75% of frenchmen now see america favorably versus 42% in 2008. so what is the big lever that has moved the seesaw of america's popularity so radically upward? acknowledgement of world citizenship? yes. but was it also this public apologetic admission by president obama? >> in america, there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where america's showed arrogance and been dismissive, even der rissive. >> question. the u.s. has a long standing tradition of not tritticizeing a former president in front of foreign audiences. did obama violate this protocol using terms like arrogance, dismissive, derisive, pat buchanan? >> yes, he did. i think thats with a mistake, and i think he's been scoring off his country repeatedly abroad,
.ncicap.org-- glenn: congratulations, america. honestly, this is the reason why i asked you to carry one of these around with all of the time. i talked to my radio audience about it. keep a diary with you, because you are living in historic times. you need to remember this moment. you need to remember what is happening right now. these times are going to be written about in the history books in the months and years ahead. your kids and grandkids will ask you, "where are you?" "where were you when freedom was on the ropes in the united states of america?" tonight, all of the president's czars, are they 32, 34? i do not even know how many of them are working on your dime for the president of the united states. the other question mรง how much power do these czars have? another thing, i think they have more influence on the president than the vice president, but that might be a good thing. leaders on capitol hill i think will find themselves out of powers to agree not the people is doing. i think the administration's doing -- not the people's doing we are going to cover one of the most comp
of america. >> 1500 died, only 30 were classified as innocent civilians and there were about 50 police officers that died. >> it's a classic turf war between different cartels. >> they spent 23 years fighting for the drug enforcement administration. recently retired he was in charge of global operations for the dea's 5300 special agents. >> along the southwest border is some of the most lucrative turf in the world. location, location, location. >> ten billion dollars in bulk cash grows the u.s.-mexico border on a given day related to drug trafficking. >> ten billion narco trafficking dollars is on par with the tourism industry which generated about $13 billion for mexico. during his presidential campaign felipe calderon vowed to crack down on the cartels. >> the army came in with about 2,000 troops. felipe calderon sent 5,000 additional army troops that will join the police department. >> 45,000 soldiers have been deployed all across mexico, a quarter of the army is now committed to fighting narco terror. >> since december 2006, he has waged a miserable battle against the narco kings m
fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> scottish officials were already under fire even before they made it official yesterday and allowed a convicted terrorist to fly home to libya to die. the outrage only deepened today after these pictures of libyans celebrating abdel baset al megrahi's release were broadcast around the world. al megrahi, of course, was convicted for the 1988 bombing of pan am 103 over lockerbie, scotland. the terror attack killed 270 people. and today, once again, many people were demanding to know just why had he been set free. this matter of justice is once again our "lead focus" tonight. >> reporter: abdel baset al megrahi should not be welcomed back to tripoli, that was the message, the warning to libya from president obama in america. the demand responsible for the deaths of 270 people, the biggest terrorist attack in britain was treated more like a celebrity or royalty changed into a dark suit, he was met off of the plane and then repeatedly hugged by colonel gadhafi's own so
that stuff too. the all new chevy traverse. america's best crossover. mike: in the "personal story," segment, the president is comparing himself to fdr and jfk. >> fdr was called a socialist when he passed social security, jfk and lyndon johnson, they were both accused of a government takeover of health care when they passed medicare. this is the process that we go through because understandably, the american people are suspicious of government until the government does something that helps them and then they don't want anyone messing with that. mike: joining us is douglas brinkley, a presidential historian. doctor, thank you for joining us. let me ask you, a big mistake on the part of the president to invoke the memories of fdr and jfk? >> well, it is never a mistake for a democratic president to raise respect for fdr and jfk. the lyndon johnson comments gets into the difficulty. as you know, the great society is what ronald reagan fought against. he is trying to roll back the great society, that is what he wrote in his memos. many other government programs, conservatives have been trying t
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will visit places that have tried this experiment, including states right here in america and you will meet a man and woman whose lives were saved by the current health care system and they say they may not be here if the government controlled health care. >> i promise you, we will pass reform by the end of this year, because the american people need it. sean: president obama has spent the majority of his first year in office attempting to push through a $1 trillion health care initiative aimed at controlling medical costs and extending coverage to millions of uninsured americans. >> if we step back from this challenge at this moment, we are consigning our children to skyrocketing premiums and deficits. sean: after the practice has called for overhaul of the system and the president appears to be making a major concession. >> whether we have it or don't have it is the not the entirety of health care reform. this is one sliver of it. >> i think what is important is choice and competition and i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those, but that is not the essential e
this experiment, including states right here in america and you will meet a man and woman whose lives were saved by the current health care system and they say they may not be here if the government controlled health care. >> i promise you, we will pass reform by the end of this year, because the american people need it. sean: president obama has spent the majority of his first year in office attempting to push through a $1 trillion health care initiative aimed at controlling medical costs and extending coverage to millions of uninsured americans. >> if we step back from this challenge at this moment, we are consigning our children to skyrocketing premiums and deficits. sean: after the practice has called for overhaul of the system and the president appears to be making a major concession. >> whether we have it or don't have it is the not the entirety of health care reform. this is one sliver of it. >> i think what is important is choice and competition and i'm convinced at the end of the day the plan will have both of those, but that is not the essential element. sean: what caused the white hou
, it is like this. america says that they're willing to take care of people who need a leg up. when you tell them that they will help people who are not here legally, you will say, what is that? don't help the screwups. if you are not here legally, none of this applies to you. that is the anchor. -- anger. bill: nancy pelosi does not help barack obama. he is having some issues out in california. what is that? >> well, from calling our cia liars to calling the people of latin america, to infering they are nazis, she always has the ugliest face on things. she will have a meeting in her winery over the weekend to raise money. i will tell you something about a guided tour from nancy pelosi, it will be difficult to tell the prunes from the grapes. some where she will come across lucy ricardo and stars stomping on first amendment rights. if people want to show up and whine for nancy pelosi to call them nazis, , that is not good. bill: she has a beautiful house. 170 guest will gather on the back lawn. have you been invited? >> i would not even go near her. there are people in my life that i disagre
, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> we're hoping luck holds when it comes to hurricane bill. there's a shot from space. a storm as big as texas. looks like it may veer north and not hit the east coast directly. but it is still likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. we have marysol out on long island. stephanie sy up in massachusetts. we'll bring you the latest, coming up. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one? we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the minnesota vikings last night, hatred will be white-hot for many years to come. after a very controversial week. all the drama he played for a all of two minutes on t
that health care debate heat up even more, republicans arguing that america cannot afford an expensive overhaul of the system. >> elaine quijano in washington. thank you very much, elaine. >>> the health care bill not deterring the family taking a vacation on martha's vineyard tomorrow while bill is churning a couple hundred miles offshore. cnn's dan lothian is on martha's vineyard, which is an alittle known history regarding african-americans. >>. >> reporter: it's easy to see why martha's vineyard is such a big draw, the beach, the boats, the vintage carousel. but before you attach the label enclave of the rich and fame ou, long-time summer residents and harvard professor charles ogletree says take a look around. >> it really is one of these rare place where is you see people who unemployed and ceos. you see people who are wealthy and poor and there's no pretension here. people are very comfortable. >> reporter: even if sitting presidents keep dropping in. first it was ulysses s. grant, then the clintons, now president obama and his family are preparing to stretch out on this 28 1/2
-new hour of america's news headquarters. >>> hurricane bill continues to churn at sea, many are wondering how dangerous the storm will be without a direct hit. we're tracking bill right here and we'll have the latest forecast. >> julie: and at a kentucky prison, medium security prison set on fire by inmates during a riot. so what caused all the chaos? >> once a prisoner and free man, he is back in libya and his president welcoming home with open arms. how is it with our relationship with libya just as things were warming up? >> julie: hurricane bill making its way up the east coast. not expected to make landfall in the u.s. but the category two storm is creating high surf and strong rip currents all along the eastern seaboard. tropical storm warning is in effect for the state of massachusetts. domenica davis is tracking it all for us. >> yes, a category two and it's expected to pass several hundred miles to the east of cape cod. it's expected to make the closest path to the united states and then first thing tomorrow morning. it's sitting 400 miles south of nantucket and continue on the n
senator mcgovern in rome and said i think this is so much sense not only showing america's compassion but to bring children to school in developing countries and especially the young girls who will then go to school and their lives will be so much better because of it. this was george's inspiration and thank goodness he came up with the idea that became a reality more than eight years ago and will continue to make certain that people around the world have a fighting chance. it's the story of his public career. it's a story of george mcgovern as a person. it's the reason we're here tonight, not only to acknowledge his reflections on abraham lincoln but to acknowledge that he is, in fact, one of america's political heroes. george mcgovern. >> thank you, dick. thank you. [applause] >> well, i want to thank everybody who is here tonight. if i had known i was going to get that kind of praise from these people who are on either side of me here tonight, i'd written that book a lot earlier. [laughter] >> but i do want to thank bernie for opening up his beautiful home here tonight for us. and
a lot to his home country of argentina. he served as the chief of the latin america western hemisphere program at the international monetary fund. welcome back to the dialogue. he will start us off, also he has written a paper on mexico, which he sounds a little bit like a pessimist. >> think you very much. in deference to your very strong feelings, the oi will now a power pointpoint. this is a great opportunity. we are extremely knowledgeable. when i used to go on mission to mexico, i was always very interested in my counterpart. it was intellectually challenging, but always a pleasure to visit some diego and how much i could learn. and lisa has been working on these things for a long time. standard and poor's has been the tougher and the most objective of the agencies in dealing with mexico. let me just start by saying, mexico is in its worst economic crisis since 1995. the gdp is expected to fall by about the same percentage as it fell in 1994 and 1995, when i was dealing with it, and where the hair i did not lose up the time turned very great. -- turned very gray. the problems mexi
in america. greta: thank you. why onaren't our politicians doing this? we went to a system that works. what is so different? we will go and see. ambassador john bolton is here to go on the record about a disgrace, how is it that a libyan intelligence officer libyan intelligence officer blows up wouldn't it be great if it were easy to spot the good guys ? you know, the guys who do a super job. introducing the superguarantee. go to superpages.com to find a business with the superguarantee. we're so confident in these super businesses we stand behind their services. you'll get the job done right or we'll step in and help to make it right. sign up for free at superpages.com the new superguarantee making the good guys easy to find. greta: "on the record," is checking out different health care system to see what works. our producers went to a hospital in wisconsin to investigate. >> with the raging debate over health care, town halls across america, have we lost sight of delivering better care while cutting costs? we visited a place that does just that. one of your biggest innovations is collabor
reform is on the rise in america. less is the president going to be a one term president if it means getting this passed. >> dave: a new audio of an airline pilot taking the air traffic control to please let passengers off that judge after being stranded on the tarmac for six hours. we will give you the passengers understandably angry reactions coming up next. >> clayton: hurricane built already bringing lots of rain. we give you the latest on the first of major hurricane of the season. our slogan this one comes from james in florida. from hurricane built to capitol hill, "fox & friends" made no show. >> announcer: is "fox & friends". >> clayton: look at the studio and look who's back. >> alysin: welcome back dave. >> dave: vacation was wonderful, therapeutic, beautiful weather, relaxing except for the fact is all parents can relate with your vacation with your two kids and three others, there is no relaxation. >> clayton: did you -- this is how gung ho he was. he went so far as to purchase a book that's optimistic. >> clayton: it didn't get cracked open because of the kids. >> dave
back home. tonight, one of america's closest allies rejects the accusations that it struck a deal to free the lockerbie bomber and reaction from the former leader of the investigation, here in the u.s. >> a present inferno. fire consumes a kentucky prison in the midst of a massive riots. now investigators want to know how the prison descended into chaos. >> plus a victim of its own success. as the cash for clunkers program speeds to its monday cut off, folks across the country are racing to the dealer hoping for a last minute bargain. but some are finding out it's already too late. >> julie: a "fox news" whether alerts. the first atlantic hurricane of the season for the off the east coast tonight churning up rough seas and recurrence. hurricane bill will likely not make landfall here in the u.s. but it is still packing or the forceful winds reaching up to 85 mph. it is ruining one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. one of the states being hit forces of massachusetts. resident obama is traveling there tomorrow with his family. the obama specification on barthes vineyard.
for broadcasting and cable magazine, cal thomas jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and fox forum contributor and kirsten powers, "new york post" columnist. i'm john scott fox news watch is on right now. >> what is your response so far to the suggestion that the healthcare reform might not include a public option? is it winning any converts angering quarters? >> on the messaging process, do you accept any responsibility on the fact that you haven't some of the other issues on healthcare that you had, whether on incorrect interpretations of the bill other than do you accept any of that responsibility or all just the media's fault? >> mr. president, thank you for taking my call. >> hi tracy. >> hi. until i heard you say that a private option is a sliver of your healthcare proposal recently, i think myself and many americans thought it pretty much was your principle. >> i know. >> can you please explain five or six bullet point of what legislation must include for you to be willing to sign it. for instance employer mandate tofrt reform illegal immigrants wha
of the big payday are irresistible. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, august 22nd. >> folks along the east coast, hoping for a little luck. trying to avoid this. take a look. goofy name, hurricane bill. impressive size. storm the size of texas. very powerful, making its way toward the east coast. look likes we'll avoid a direct hit. but it is likely to produce heavy rains, dangerous rip currents. and marysol live on long island. we also have a report further up the coast coming up in just a moment. >>> also this morning, could you ever forgive someone responsible for the death of a loved one. we've heard a lot of outrage in the last few days from some of the families of the lockerbie bombing victims after the bomber was set free in libya. others have forgiven him. and they say it's helped them come to grips with everything and dealing with the tragedy. we're going to explore the roots of forgiveness and whether it works. >>> also on the topic of forgiveness, green bay packer fans will never forgive brett favre for suiting up for the min
>>> hello, everyone. >> i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters. winds whipping up to 100 miles per hour, hurricane bill is prompting warnings for parts of canada and the united states eastern coast line. the storm left flooding and power outages in its wake and headed directly toward the coast of massachusetts. >> also a convicted terrorist who planned the bombing of pan am flight 103 killed 270 people, released from prison. why is he getting a hero's reception now and a hug from libya's president gadaffi upon his return? >> new developments in the white house e-mail controversy as the obama administration confirming to fox news it hired a private communications company to distribute mass e-mails promoting health care reform, shedding brand-new light on just how some of you folks out there got the e-mails, even though you never signed up for them. caroline is live in washington with the very latest on that. hi, caroline. >> gov delivery.com is the company that distributed those from the white house to people that complained they never asked for t
of america using african-american format, buffer to jewish americans, catholic americans, two arab-americans, to asian-americans, to latino market, to western indian americans. so we go into production right away for that. but it turns out that the kumar family has one of the largest collection of lincoln memorabilia in the whole world. and so they are lincoln junkies. two years ago he said, the grandfather or great-grandfather started collecting lincoln memorabilia right after he was killed. and they haven't heard this huge collection. so he said, 2009 is bicentennial of lincoln's birth and we want you to write and host and narrate a series that i said i don't anything about abraham lincoln. he freed the slaves. and he said that's why we want you to do it. so i said to them, i didn't have to say that i said look, you know, this is going to be my lincoln. because if you want hagiography, then do with the standard pbs documentaries do about when they are addressing the black world, which is they get some white guy to write and then they get benzo or morgan to read it, you, with a vo
netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >> medicare, it should be a little more competent than maybe the government with a role, a role in the fact that people are treated fairly when it comes to insurance. >> confused about obama care? it could be because the president contradicts himself, often times in the same speech. under his reform plan, government bureaucrats won't tell you what tests you can and can't have. but a panel of health experts will. medicare, example of something the government got right, except going broke. the latest administration double talk, well whether the so-called public option is essential to their reform efforts. senior editorial page writer joe rago joins the panel for this segment. all right, joe. i think the this debate is chaotic. what say you? >> that's right. it's not only the contradiction, it's president obama is out there blaming the republican for the current trouble. he doesn't lack republican
of success. according to creditsolutions of america. the largest debt settlement in the country. they ring the ball every time they persuade a company to settle someone's debt. thousands of unhappy customers have complained. >> i had no contact with them for over a year. >> reporter: she saw an ad for credit solutions on tv. karen remained in the credit solutions for 20 years. during that time, they didn't initiate a single debt settlement for her. >> i'm out of pocket, $2,088 and nothing to show for it. >> karen's not alone. >> these are all of the complaints. >> reporter: the better business bureau has collected more than 1500 complaints. attorney jones in three state have filed in three states. >> we have a proven track record of success. and hundreds and thousands of people who have successfully completed our program. >> reporter: the company blames its legal troubles on a one-year period from december 2006 to december 2007. which the company was under different ownership. >> i don't have a specific answer to that. >> reporter: but the new york attorney general says he does. alleging c
's kind of history of race in america. and so this code goes all the way down to i guess the last book i entered was booked number 1,088, our times, the illustrated history of the 20th century, race law, king came preaching, tend -- tet! but basically this is just kind of the list of the books i consulted or referred to in the book. but anyway, that's one file is the bibliography file. but the main one is the research file which is right here, and it automatically put -- each one of these going this way is a note card and this is pretty odd because it is the year month and day and it puts it in chronological order and it starts with 960 solomon completes the first temple. that comes from book number 438. i don't know why it's page 99 but this is some material on the hebrew profits. but of course as the movement -- as we get -- as the movement itself rises in to public attention leader in the 1950's it's more common you would get more than one note on the same day. for example october 29, 1956 there is a universal newsreel which came from the national archives in fact i guess three of the
was the anti-edison. thomas edison invented money. it was business. it was america. rutherford was of english school, as later was a young man named tim berners-lee who felt the scientific publication should be opened and the wayside, rutherford never had a patent in his life. the wayside advancely by opening this dissemination of information, that there was some kid in new zealand who would read this and figure out the next step. and that's the kind of size i wanted to write about. when rutherford died, he died rather early in the late 30s. his bank account was 7000 pounds, which was exactly his own nobel prize money in 1911. i will than by talking about the new times once had a very bright science editor named comfort. and in "the new york times" magazine in 1936, he wrote what these people did, einstein, rutherford, or eisenberg, plunk, the heroes of the heroic age of physics. and this is what he said they did. suppose that nobody on earth had ever heard a piece of music. and suppose that beethoven's fifth symphony is played over and over again by invisible musicians. that this is his prob
ground. i have a question for you, jeanne, from bob in california. he says america elected a democrat majority to congress and the white house. how in blazes, he writes, did he end up with a subcommittee of equal representation by the minority? >> well, i think that in the senate, they have 60 votes, but it's an illusion nature number. even the democrats are not united around one plan. so that's part of it. they had to come up with a compromise that was going to appeal to the broadest number of democrats and hopefully some republicans as well. and those moderate republicans who are in the negotiations in many ways represent the voices of the conservative democrats who are not in the room. in addition, the white house from the beginning said they did want a bipartisan plan. if possible, they wanted to see that created. and so it was a goal to try to work with the republicans. three stepped forward, and i don't think max baucus was prepared to walk away from those three until it's certain they can't come to terms because baucus would like to have republican votes onboard. gwen: we have
'll have more first thing in the morning on "good morning america." >>> now, we turn this evening to the surprising move by some car dealerships to end the cash for clunkers program early. this was supposed to be the final weekend. many customers looking to get in with two days left got an unwelcome surprise. here's laura marquez tonight. >> reporter: bad news for the few shoppers who showed up at this florida car lot, hoping to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program. >> unfortunately i'm too late. >> reporter: hundreds of dealerships stopped the program early. citing an overload of paperwork. >> i we felt that we needed the three days to do the paperwork. we did not want to take a chance on missing a reimbursement. that exceeds the profit on the car. >> please hold. >> reporter: for those car dealerships still accepting clunkers, business was brisk. >> so this is your car? >> this is my car. >> reporter: how old is the car? >> ten years old. >> she wants to turn in her old ford explorer and use the money for a hybrid. >> the timing was right. the ending is coming. >> rep
and happy that bank of america actually has a solution to help them out. i listen. that's the first thing i do is i listen. you know what, what happened? what put you in this situation? we always want to make sure that we're doing i'll go through some of his monthly expenses, if he has a mortgage payment, if he pays rent. and then i'll use all that information to try and see what kind of a payment he financially can handle. i want to help you. bank of america wants to help you through this difficult time. when they come to you and they say thank you aj, for helping me with this problem, that's where we get our joy from. the $9 grand entrance. walmart announces op tops for just nine dollars each. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. . >>> who wouldn't like to have some extra cash in their wallet these days? our next guest is here to tell us how you can spend up to $500 less each month. we're not kidding. donna is a senior writer with "money" joining us now. your piece on -- in the magazine is fantastic. let's start off with phone bills. especially when you'
is that the private sector is not going to help. i mean, 20% of the people in america don't have health insurance. it's a major impediment to people starting small businesses because they remain with these very large companies and won't go out on their own. entrepreneurship is not going to come from the private sector. it's going to come from the government nationalizing our health insurance system. david: that 20% figure is pretty high even if you believe the 47 million figure. >> absolutely. look. half the people without insurance right now could get it if they so wanted it. what we're talking about is overhauling the entire system for the sake of less than 1% of the people in the country. so, you know, 1% to 10%. it's an argument i think that is won by the private market. david: quentin hardy has been mulling all this over. he has put it together. go ahead, quentin. >> how much waste and fraud is there in the private sector, in the insurance industry among private hospitals in america. >> lots. >> when you talk about it in medicare, you really do need to have some kind of standard against how the
roding and he brought the hip-hop culture into america's living room and you had the satire edge with the hip-hop culture and this dancing and the fly girls and there was an excitement about the show i felt at the time, and i love watching the rerun and that kind of thing, but, i do miss "in living color" a lot, i loved doing the show. >> host: are you married. >> guest: yes, i have two children, john and lauren. >> host: how old. >> guest: 12 and 10, i live in the pasadena area, i fly to new york and -- when i do "the daily show." >> host: next call, moab, utah. go ahead. >> caller: hi, just enjoying so much hearing the conversations and people's perception as a transplanted philadelphian there are three or four chocolate people in the whole town and i think a lot of -- a lot of the white people really are -- >> vanilla. >> caller: thank you. are kind of jealous of the chocolate people because y'all have it together and we're disconnected from each other, i wanted to thank you for your body of work and humor and the way you approach things, you are a beautiful human being. thank
to young writers from someone there is no shortage of talent in a nation of 300 million people. america is literally bursting into one, all shapes, sizes, colors, gender. talent is meaningless without work ethic. if you are not willing to sit down on a beautiful day like today outside and do the work and you're the kind of person that always has an excuse why i can't write today well, you are not going to write. and sometimes i do read things out loud to myself to get the rhythm right because the rhythm in a newspaper columnist different than novels different rhythms. there is always that undertone. but when you are doing the rhythm for a newspaper column for the post you want the rhythm -- he wanted to point you toward a the next sentence and the next idea. i used the wrong word there. words have specific meanings. i was using the word declaim and didn't mean the plan. i don't know what pour i want to use sali will have to think about that. it is a harsh mode now because it is something i feel strongly about. that's not right either >> i take it very seriously. i don't like the work of
a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. was it really for fun, or to save money on heat? why? don't you think nordic tuesday is fun? oh no, it's fun... you know, if you are trying to cut costs, fedex can help. we've got express options, fast ground and freight service-- you can save money and keep the heat on. great idea. that is a great idea. well, if nordic tuesday wasn't so much fun. (announcer) we understand. you need to save money. fedex >>> tonight a remarkably fast runner and stunning questions about her gender. is the fastest female runner on earth a man. an 18-year-old champion from south africa. she just won the gold medal in the women's 800 meter in berlin. it is not just her speed, it is her sex, her masculine features. testing is being done but there is nothing easy or simple about it. gary tuchman has more. >> caster semenya is an easy winner. >> reporter: she is fast. she wiped out the field in the 800 meters but is she a she? her performance, physique and voice raised questions. >> i heard you were born a man. what do you have to say about s
renewing america's purpose july 99 to july of 2000, and in fact it informed the second campaign as well and i think bush did -- have a dance policy agenda with specifics more so than had been the sort of practice at least in our party particularly to the extent he talked about things about being a different kind of republican that, you know, not everybody on my side of the oil was wildly enthusiastic about the defeat could things like a compassionate conservatism, education, immigration, faith based initiatives, all of those sorts of things that had a little bit of an edge and that is why not only did they inform our first work that day -- we knew we had to get them done quickly and when i see president obama tackling health care right away i see a lot of the similarities his popularity is as high as it is ever going to be likewise i assume that is the case generically but some of the scholars here would know better that that is the time to do the things that are the most difficult to do. we lived by absolutely to the extent there were specifics and it lays out a series of principles or
and cannot do and that's not what america is about. america is about liberty. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old! - oh, come on. - enough! you get half and you get half. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah-- his and hers. - ( crowd gasping ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion. - ( chirp ) good to go. ( grunts ) timber! ( chirp ) boss? what do we do with the shih-tzu? - ( crowd gasps ) - ( chirp ) joint custody. - phew! - announcer: get work done now. communicate in less than a second with nextel direct connect. only on the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access www.sprintrelay.com. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. call or go online for a free supply and up to $160 in offers from authorized postage vendors. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box... actually, with flat rate boxes you don't need to weigh anything
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distinguished america is that when all the arguments have been heard and all the concerns have been voiced, and the time comes to do what must be done, we rise above our differences, grasp each others hands and march forward as one nation and one people. some of us democrats, some of us republicans, all of us american. >> cnn elaine quijano, where are you eeshgs lane? can't even see? in the bureau. >> reporter: i am. usually you're at the white house. we're going to talk about what the president had to say today about holding hands and marching forward. really, he's having trouble getting the democrats to hold each others hands and march ford on this issue? >> reporter: yeah, at the same time, trying to go and fight back against some of the claims made about the proposals, against what his administration says are myths about health care reform. in his weekly address the president also ran through some of them. for instance, saying illegal immigrants would not be cover under a health care bill, taxpayer dollars not funding abortions and addressed and echoed at the town hall meetings across
sex. the evangelical lutheran church is the third largest church in america. the new policy abolishes the celibacy rules for clergy members involved in, quote, lifelong monogamous relationships. the lutheran community says that the new policy encourages sin and they may be leaving the church. >>> there's many places around the world where gays and lesbians face harassment and even death. >> reporter: stilling atrocities committed against iraq's homosexuals. iraq believes homosexuality as a disease that needs to be personaled. when this video sprung up on youtube showing iraqi gay men partying it caused a terrifying backlash, in this report released on monday, human rights groups warned of torture and murder against iraq's gay community. they always used to hunt us, but after this video, it became much worse, this gay man tells us. he and his three friends, brave enough to speak out but too frightened to have their identities revealed. what are some of the atrocities that are being committed against the gay community that you know of? many of my friends were killed and many othered wou
and an application for prisoner transfer was put in by the libyan government. the buck as you would say in america stops with me. i made that decision following the due process and living up to the values that we possess in scotland. many will disagree, many do agree. i know that it divides opinion in the world as it divides opinion in the family, but my responsibility was to make that decision and i did so on the basis that in scotland we want justice done, but we want compassion possessed and capable of being ensured. two wrongs never make a right. kenny mccaskill, thank you joining us. we're going to get reaction from the interview you just heard. >>> and why did the cia hire a private firm to hunt down and kill al qaeda leaders. naing onon ud r. weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n . >>> rabbi stephanie bernstein's brother was killed. >> my first reaction was to think back to an expression my grandmother had was who do you think you are? how dare he speak with such self righteousness. i thought his speech
almost said america's but i thought that might be a flag word. continuing looking back and pulling the -- it will teach people never to play to the edge. i know and incapable of doing it but i don't think so. -- i know i am capable of doing it. we need this work force to be vigorous and active. no matter how narrowly defined this look back might be, it will start pulling threads and you will have a significant number of agency folks being pulled through this process to no good. the article is about the release next monday of the 2004 report. i make the point that one agency contractor was prosecuted and convicted for his treatment of a detainee death. nobody on the north bank of the potomac reviewed the report and concluded that no further prosecutions were indicated. after that was done, we took disciplinary action. one final point is that that report has been on the hill since 2004. since 2004 to the senior members of the committee since 2006. why would this report prompt us to have a special prosecutor or any other kind of activity? i think it is unfair to the people who did wha
want to build up. along the way, the implication began in new york city, grameen america, as i mentioned. in new york city in jackson height in queens and also now expanded to manhattan, we just crossed the 1,000 mark so we have now over 1,000 borrowers in that program. an amazing thing is that we followed the same grameen principles, and five women getting together, taking individual loans, being responsible individually and take the loans for income-generating purposes and create their own employment, make a living for themselves and they're very proud of their ability to handle that. and the repayment has remained over these years from january, 2008, up till now near 100%. so this is an amazing thing that happens and we're invited to do it in omaha. and i hope to see those same kind of success in omaha also. so other cities are inviting us from san francisco, los angeles, durham, north carolina, and so on, and boston and baltimore. so we're hoping that maybe we should be starting programs there also. so this is the kind of things that i tried to focus with the intention that
oppose it, and those who use fear to block change. but what has always distinguished america is that when all the arguments have been heard and all the concerns have been voiced and the time comes to do what must be done, we rise above our differences. we grasp each other's hands and march forward as one nation and one people. some of us democrats, some of us republicans, all of us americans. >> okay. so rising up and marching forward, let's talk to elaine quijano about that. what is the obama team doing for the americans marching in reform? >> reporter: trying to hit back. the administration says about health care reform. in his weekly address the president said illegal immigrants would not be covered under a health care bill and taxpayer dollars would not go to fund abortionses and he addressed fear eck ode at heated town hall meetings across the country saying this administration, betty, is not planning a government takeover of the health care system. betty? >> all right. that's what they're saying, but what are republicans saying about all this? >> reporter: interesting. republicans i
as they provide their insights about the court and the building. the supreme court -- home to america's highest court. first sunday in october on c- span. >> this is c-span's "america and the courts." next, kathleen sullivan will review important cases from the recent supreme court term. she spoke at the ninth circuit court judicial conference in monterey, calif., last month. >> thank you, judge fisher, and welcome. it is an enormous honor and privilege to be with you here at the ninth circuit and with so many friends and admirers colleagues. my task is to talk about the last term the supreme court. i thought we would get the morning started with fleeting excellence. i do not just mean what you said on the golf course the other day. although that is not just a joke. justice stevens, in his concurrence -- his dissent in the decision in fcc versus fox says broadcast and expletives, according to the fcc, in violation of fcc broadcast policy, are not always in the center -- in decent. as he said, as any golfer who has watched a shanked short approach go, it does not mean that the profanity uttered
weeks of fantastic meals. that's right, 105 meals absolutely free. call or click now. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. hurricane bill today is churning through the atlantic. the storm pounding bermuda with heavy rains and winds near 105 miles per hour. a tropical storm warning in effect for parts of massachusetts, including the islands of nantucket and martha's vineyard. forecasters warning folks they are of high tides and rip currents. waves expected to reach as high as 25 feet. the warning in effect through tomorrow morning. and president obama is trying to clear the air on health care reform. in his weekly radio and internet address, he is saying opponents are making, quote, phony claims about the plan, including so-called death panels. mr. obama also calling for an honest debate on the issue. republicans accusing the president of being fast and loose with his facts on health care. we're going to send you back to "bulls & bears" now. i'm jimmy -- i'm jamie colby. stay tuned. brenda: oil bushing, settling near $74 a barrel, the highest price this year. what is w
a questn for you, jeanne, from b in clifornia. he say america electeda democrat majority to congress and e white house. how in bazes, he rites, did he end up with a subcommittee of equal rpresentation by th minority? >> well i thin that in the senatethey have 60 votes, but it's an illusion nature nmber. even the demcrats are not united around onelan. so that's part of it. th had to come up wit a compromise th was going to appeal to the broadest nber of democrats and hopefly some republicans as wl. and those oderate republicans who are in the negotiations i many ways represt the vices of the conservive democrats who are not in te room. in addion, the white house from the beginng said they dd want a biprtisan plan. if possible,they wante to se that creat. and so itas a goal to try to wo with the republicans. three stepped forward, and i don't think max baucus was prared to walk away from those three until it's rtain they can't me to terms because baucus would lik to hav republican vote onboard. gwen: we have a lo of questions abt the role of the senate but i nt to get to a uple of nuts and o
health care fiasco. and forget death panels. the health care bill could mean america will have fat panels. >> i don't know why i'm trying to lose weight in the first place. we ain't all supposed to be the same size. we're supposed to be all different. big, small, medium, you're supposed to have all of that. >> big brother making sure you don't get too big. are you ready to be monitored for what you weigh and what you eat? plus bar the door. there is a storm brewing that could hit you in the wallet. >> it's coming! it's headed right for us. >> it's already here. >> a global warming bill that could cost billions, have no impact n on the climate and send food prices into the ozone layer. only congress could pull that off. only this show is on the case. all that, and it's the ultimate economic indicator. sex no longer sells. >> do you guys want to make out or what? >> so what would people rather have? tracy byrnes goes undercover with another "cashin' in" exclusive. your money, your life, your show to stay ahead of the game. "cashin' in" starts right now. terry: wal-mart now offering mail-ord
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is normally found in south america. authorities believe that its owner released it after it outgrew an aquarium. [ birds chirping ] [ crunch! ] [ gasps ] [ stork ] [ laughs ] sorry, miss. [ crunch ] the girl can't help it. it's a vlasic. [ crunch ] but i've still got room for the internet. with my n netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. i'm bill kurtis, and wherever i go, i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. gun it, mick. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. >>> hurricane bill storms northward toward the canadian provinces. residents from new england to florida are all being warned not to go in the water because of dangerous waves and rip currents. weather channel jeff morrow is live in orleans, massachusetts. with another good morning to you. last year it was upsetting to see the surfers out of the water. any of them gotten out yet? >> reporter: most of them
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